Apraxia: Colorful Bite Blocks (1pc per package)

Dimensions:  lenght 12,5 cm, width 1 cm

Height according to colors:

  • blue 1,5 cm a 1,2 cm,
  • yellow 0,9 cm a 0,6 cm
  • red 0,5 cm a 0,3 cm


749 Kč
Bite sticks are a tool both for oral position therapy and for its diagnosis. Different heights and widths allow to work piece by piece precisely tailored to the client.
A great tool in the therapy of dysarthria, dyspraxia and apraxia.

Package includes one set of six bars.


Jméno značky: TalkTools
Kategorie: Jazyk
Hmotnost: 0.056 kg

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