The basic model is uncomplicated to use and provides the simple treatment of standard indications. It only has one setting, which makes handling easier. NOVAFON classic can be used in a doctor’s surgery as well as at home.

NOVAFON sound wave devices send mechanical vibrations of certain frequencies vertically through the skin into the tissue. This special mechanism affects a deep action to a depth of 6 cm, i.e. a stimulation of deep tissue layers that cannot be reached by manual massage. This vertical effect also sets these devices apart from other vibration devices that often do little more than move back and forth on the skin without penetrating to any depth. The vibration causes cells to oscillate and stimulates muscle spindles and nerve endings.

NOVAFON devices generate sound waves of 100 Hz


  • Myofascial pain reduction
  • Locomotor system pain reduction
  • Phantom pain reduction


  • Reduction of spasticity
  • Muscle contraction to activate functionalities
  • Gaining of motor control
  • Neglect reduction
€ 269.00