End of the school year is here and the vacation start!

We live in the rhythm of the school year and that means there is just a big party today and tomorrow we are going for a student card.

Our son mARK is very excited about vacation, because in his mind he’s going to spend each and all day playing and watching on tablet. Well, I wrote already before about the pitfalls of unstructured free time, so it’s definitely not going to happen, what he pictures for himself.

Although Asperger's syndrome is a disability of interaction in the social sphere especially, we do not give up and we still show to mARK to stimuli. The school is obligatory, but the after school activities like Judo, swimming and Yoga there are not. mARK  frequented these during school. Some days crisis came and he wanted to give up and didn’t want to leave house for training, but because we are “the worst parents in the world” and of course “we do not understand”, we always took him to the activity. It went well everytime and mARK came back home very excited and talked all evening about what he has done or learned during the training session. Two months ago he even won silver medal participating a swimming competition. This and small talk to grandpa gave to mARK huge motivation to further practice and training. He decided to win more gold medals next year. You can bet on it that we’ll support this as much as we can.

Overall, we all enjoy the holidays, it’s always be challenging, but we also have fun time. I look forward to another mARK’s pearls as well. Everytime we spend time together, we have more opportunities to catch and record his statements. mARK, he'll have more time to spend it playing outside in park with his friends. No school, no home works, just lots of fun in park.

Just yesterday I had to go and look for him, because his best friend´s mum called us, she was worried as she could not find her boy anywhere. The boys left home together each carrying a small box. They decided to go hunting the grasshoppers. It was a really great look seeing them leaving. Both are taller than majority of their classmates, but the young gentlemen, they do not control their bodies perfectly yet. Both running across green park, my husband commented: "Have you ever seen two you giraffes running joyfully?" So these two “giraffes” suddenly got stuck somewhere. I found them at the creek, our mARK on knees. barefoot  in stream, dirty from mud as he likes, but joyful smile on face. They found young frogs in water.

This is exactly how it’s going to look like during the holidays. That’s the perfect world for kids. mARK has grown a lot in the last few months, after we moved back to Bohemia. I'm proud of him. And of us, that we're able to keep the  line, that we only cushion where he really need it. We still believe in his progress and see him improving every day. Our family had a great school year, we’ll get big A+ certainly. ;)