BEST FRIENDS Split Heart chewelry set Soft Red

BF Soft Red

Best Friends Chewelry Set is the perfect necklace set for two best friends.  Keep one half and give the other to your best friend so that you'll each have one half of the split heart design - each side unique, but only whole when you're together.  Each pendant measures about 2.4" tall by 1.5" at the widest part by .35" thick - a great option for those who prefer chewing with their pre-molars and/or front teeth. .  The raised lettering provides some extra sensory interest.  

Use this chewable necklace as a safe alternative to chewing on fingernails, shirt collars, pens, pencils, etc.  Chewing can also help calm, focus, and self-regulate.

€ 25.99

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