About us


Kousak was created simply, because we needed it. One night our son bit his wooden bed and the next day he "ate" his rubber glasses during swimming training.

I started to look around for how to help to our junior, but I couldn't get any help locally. At that time we came across a manufacturer of very nice, really sophisticated and functional speech therapy tools. These included chewable necklaces for kids. While searching for help, we found out that we are not solving this problem ourselves. Parents who are trying to help their children, whether with or without a diagnosis, are many and rarely get a really functional and sympathetic tool. The chewelry fascinated us with its simplicity, its pure shape and its attractive design. We did not get any other tools until later, on the request of professionals in the field of childcare.

These include a very popular Z-Vibe, vibratory oral motor tool with a variety of 35 tips for home therapy. Feeding and learning bottles with a very simple and helpful system of straws and valves. Mouthpieces for effective suction training. And last but not least, aids for fidgety preschoolers, schoolchildren and students. You do not need to have a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism or MDO. Our chewelry  help all those who need to calm down by biting, tapping, raving, bending. All this drives attention from the activity, and bite to help it turn back again.

Our motivation is a great feeling, when you see an enthusiastic caregiver from a special kindergarten, who thanks you for a feeding tube because they have finally managed to break the vicious circle with a G-tube. Or a speach therapist who enthusiastically tells you how the boy, thanks to our Z-Vibe tip  finally managed to put his tongue to the right and left. Mommy who will send you pictures of his happy smiling boy, with chewelry at his mouth. They are small victories, but they confirm us that we are doing a thing that makes sense.